Code your to-do list

Effortless task management and tracking under version control

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Preview of the main page of the app showing the list of TODOs for a given repo

This app (called Codo: TODO on Github Marketplace) is a collaborative, live updating version of the open-source command line tool Codo.

This app provides some of the command line tool's features in a more user-friendly UI, even more advanced search utilities, and supports multiple repositories. Commits to the main/master branch of each repository are automatically synced, keeping your list of TODOs always up-to-date.

The product direction around Codo is to make an earnest attempt at making code comment TODO-based project tracking scale, both for individuals and teams.

Having the codebase where developers are already working be the place they record next steps is really powerful in a few key ways:

  • Tight integration with version control. This product builds atop this foundation and there's more to explore.
  • Proximity to the code. A secondary ticketing system will rot and lose context more quickly than comments authored directly alongside the code.
  • Speed and low overhead. Code comment TODOs are a minimum of ceremony for project/task tracking. We can build sophisticated tools and hygiene around something simple like TODO comments.

Codo is in early access and free for now, but we do intend to charge for this service in the future. (The CLI tool will always be open source.)

By purchasing this app you're funding and validating this product direction & research (along with, ya know, getting all the actual features of the app).

Thank you for your support!
Chris Andrejewski, author of Codo